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sept 2019

by Robert Louis Stevenson


A compelling one-man show

adapted and performed by Mark Stratford


Running Time: 80 minutes

"Drama King"

The remarkable story of one of the 19th Century's greatest actor-managers:

~ William Charles Macready ~


A solo show written and performed by Mark Stratford


Duration: 75 minutes (no interval)

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""It is a joy to see Stratford take on the many roles and voices"(Broadway Baby, Brighton Fringe)


"Stratford’s remarkable ability to tell Macready's story and create characters brings it all to life"(Broadway Baby, Brighton Fringe)


"Stratford’s great gift is to equally inhabit the life and soul of Macready"(GScene, Brighton Fringe)


"Drama King shows us the many ups and downs of Macready’s career and it’s gripping to watch"

(GScene, Brighton Fringe)



Watford Fringe Sep 30th to Oct 2nd 2022 - To be confirmed

performance history

Sunday 13th March 2022: Abbey Theatre Studio, St. Albans

6th & 13th June 2021: Brighton Fringe (Rialto Theatre)

17th & 18th October 2020: Brighton Fringe (Sweet Werks 2)

8th & 9th October 2020: Watford Fringe (Pump House Theatre)

26th September 2020: Abbey Theatre Main Stage, St. Albans (Live streaming)

13th October 2019: Watford Palace Theatre Studio

Watford Fringe 2020.JPG


This compelling solo show charts the life and times of William Charles Macready, one of the 19th Century’s greatest actor-managers.


The story of Macready - a First Player in the line of Burbage, Garrick, Kemble, and Kean - and the man to whom Charles Dickens dedicated "Nicholas Nickleby" - is one of the most remarkable ever to come out of the Theatre. 


With humour, drama, emotion, and an array of characters, Mark Stratford recounts the highlights of Macready’s life including his first tentative steps on stage in a tatty country theatre to his final ever performance at the mighty Drury Lane.


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Filmed at the Abbey Theatre, St. Albans