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sept 2019

“…A wonderful theatrical experience.” (Herts Advertiser, St. Albans)
“As the story unfolds, we begin to see moments of Mr Hyde, and from here on in, we are well and truly hooked.” (Views from the Gods, Camden Fringe)
“One man shows are an interesting prospect: done well, they are absorbing and showcase an actor at the top of their game; anything less than this and they run the risk of being entertaining for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, Mark Stratford’s solo performance is so good it belongs in the former category.” (Remote Goat, Camden Fringe)





"The Strange case of dr Jekyll & mr hyde"

by Robert Louis Stevenson


A compelling solo show

adapted, performed & staged by Mark Stratford


Duration: 75 minutes (no interval) or 90 minutes (with interval)

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"A brilliant introduction to a classic of English literature...This is 75 minutes of the most effective theatrical storytelling...It is a truly mesmerising performance." (North West End UK)


"In Mark Stratford's highly accomplished hands...the storytelling is as clear as it could possibly be...Stratford is a very talented actor...Definitely one to catch if you can." (Sardines)

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"A gripping one-man show. (Stratford's) performance held the theatre spellbound...It is a model of what a one-person play should be...Be prepared to be scared - and entertained" (ReviewsGate)

"Mark Stratford's engrossing solo adaptation...A wonderfully accessible and faithful version of the story performed with skill and precision. Stratford delivers an acting masterclass." (Fairy Powered Productions)

"Stratford’s stellar performance carries the play..." (The Reviews Hub


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"A gripping piece of theatre... Students studying the text should get along to see Stratford's show to see the characters come alive." (British Theatre Guide)

"Stratford plays each of the characters without any use of hats or false beards. Everything is in gesture, expression, voice and accent... The result is a physical tour-de-force... Stratford is to be congratulated not only for his outstanding performance...but for sticking closely to Stevenson’s richly sonorous language...." (The Cambridge Critique)

“A wonderful theatrical experience” (Herts Advertiser) 


"Stratford is a master in the art of creating characters" (Broadway Baby)

"A faithful and well-acted version of a classic tale which retains a relevance to the modern day" (Remote Goat)

As the story unfolds, we begin to see moments of Mr Hyde, and from here on in, we are well and truly hooked.” (Views from the Gods)


First published in 1886, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a mystery tale about the inexorable conflict between good and evil.


This stage version has been faithfully abridged and adapted from the novella; wherever possible all the key story points and Stevenson’s words have been used, and the play’s structure follows that of the chapters of the book.

Gabriel John Utterson is Henry Jekyll’s lawyer and most trusted friend. Deeply concerned by a strange clause in his friend’s will, Utterson feels compelled to investigate the sinister Edward Hyde, Jekyll’s unlikely protégé. Convinced that Jekyll and Hyde’s relationship is founded on blackmail, Utterson embarks on a quest to learn more, but - as he does so - he finds the truth to be far worse than he could have ever imagined.


Set in Victorian London, in a large meeting room at Scotland Yard, Utterson and Inspector Newcomen recount for a select audience the climactic events that unfolded at Jekyll’s house the night before and, in so doing, explain the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde…


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Jekyll and Hyde - Trailer

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